Montgomery Internet Exchange

ASN NameSpeed
AS20940 Akamai Technologies 10G
AS12083 Wide Open West (WOW!) 10G
AS13825 Troy Cablevision Inc. 10G
AS33623 Hayneville Fiber Transport d/b/a 1G
AS13760 Uniti Fiber 10G
AS3856 Packet Clearing House 1GB
AS26415 Verisign 1G
AS6939 Hurricane Electric - 10G
AS40805 JMF/Wavefly 10G
AS3557 Internet Systems Consortium - 1G
AS209 CenturyLink 10G
AS11109 State of Alabama 10G
AS395612 Montgomery County Commission – 1G
AS395627 City of Montgomery 1G
AS8674 Netnod - N/A
AS396440 Auburn University Montgomery- 1G
AS395578 Warren Averett Technology Group - 10G
AS62632 Information Transport Solutions 10G
AS62887 Whitesky Communications, LLC 10G
AS13335 Cloudflare 10G
AS395785 Wireless Internet Solutions Experts, LLC
AS63293 Facebook 20G
AS394570 Alabama State University 10G
AS36827 Pine Belt Telephone Company 1GB
AS20115 Spectrum TBD
AS397088 Montgomery Chamber of Comerce 10G
AS19307 Montgomery Water Works 10G